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About Telemedicine

Thanks to advancements in modern technology, you can meet with your physician through a virtual format during telemedicine visits. If you’re ready to get started on doctor’s visits from the comfort of your own home, contact Shawn Hamilton, MD, and the team at Spruce Medical Group in Irvine, California, today. You can book an exam by calling the office or requesting one online today. 

Telemedicine Q&A

What is telemedicine?  

Telemedicine is a newer branch of medicine that’s based on convenience, privacy, and cost savings. Rather than going into the clinic when you’re sick, where you’re going to be exposed to more germs, you can simply schedule a telemedicine evaluation with your dedicated physician with whom you’ve been established. 

You receive the same compassionate care you’d get during a traditional in-office visit without having to leave your home or office. Instead, you simply log in to a secure browser online or app on your phone and talk with your physician. They can see you, and you can see them!

Are there benefits of telemedicine?

Yes! One of the reasons telemedicine is such an in-demand service is because it saves patients time. No more running to the office when you’re sick and need an exam. This means more time with your family, less missed work, and, of course, more time to recover.

Telemedicine is also beneficial because you can have longer appointment times with your doctor. Because your physician isn’t busy caring for several patients at once, they can spend quality one-on-one time with you so you can get all of your questions answered. 

How do I prepare for a telemedicine appointment?

Generally, to qualify for telemedicine care with Spruce Medical Group, it’s beneficial to be established with the practice. This simply means that you’ve had at least one in-office visit with an internist, ideally in the past year. To help you get ready for your telemedicine appointment, it’s helpful to:

  • Know your current weight and height
  • Know the first day of your last menstrual cycle (for women)
  • Write down all of your symptoms, questions, and concerns
  • Have the phone number and address of your pharmacy available
  • Gather all of your prescription or over-the-counter medicine bottles

If you’ve seen any other doctors recently, including urgent care or emergency room physicians, have those records sent to Spruce Medical Group if possible. This helps your dedicated internist gather a comprehensive glimpse of your health so you can work together to find the best course of treatment for your health.

Learn more about the telemedicine services offered at Spruce Medical Group by booking an appointment online today. You can also call the office directly to speak with a team member.