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Internal Medicine
About Internal Medicine

Internal medicine providers specialize in adult health, chronic disease, and age-related issues so you can achieve your optimal well-being. At Spruce Medical Group in Irvine, California, you have access to Shawn Hamilton, MD, and a dedicated team that can help you maintain your health and, if needed, manage chronic conditions. You can book your internal medicine exam directly through the website, or you can call the office directly to schedule.

Internal Medicine Q&A

Why do I need internal medicine care?

Internal medicine is a specialty branch of medicine dedicated to adult health care. These physicians, called internists, have advanced training in early disease detection and intervention, as well as chronic disease management for diabetes, hypertension, and other conditions.

Even if you’re generally healthy and aren’t at risk of chronic disease, you need to build a relationship with a trusted internist to help you stay in optimal health. You also need internal medicine care to help you:

  • Lose or maintain weight
  • Get referrals to any essential outside specialists
  • Manage preventive care screenings and lab work
  • Manage prescription and over-the-counter medications
  • Learn healthful lifestyle changes to enhance your health 

Internists are truly the center of your health care team. Your internist maintains all of your medical records and helps you keep tabs on your overall health. 

What happens at an internal medicine exam?

Spruce Medical Group is dedicated to providing comprehensive internal medicine care and helping you improve your health and quality of life. Depending on your personal and family health history, as well as current concerns, your exam with your internist may include:

  • Body mass index calculation (BMI)
  • Neurological and reflex check
  • Vision and hearing screening
  • Blood testing or urinalysis
  • Head to toe examination
  • Blood pressure check
  • Vaccine updates

If your BMI is in the overweight or obese category, your internist may talk with you about weight management solutions to help lower your risk of chronic disease. Spruce Medical Group even proudly offers WarmSculpting™ with SculpSure® noninvasive body contouring treatments to permanently destroy fatty deposits*.

How do I prepare for an internal medicine appointment? 

The highly skilled team of internists at Spruce Medical Group encourages you to come in once a year for annual physical exams. You’re welcome to come in anytime you’re sick or injured, too. 

To help your dedicated internist learn more about you, it’s helpful (but not required) to transfer medical records from your previous primary care physician or any specialists you see. You should also make a list of questions and concerns, as well as all medications and dosages, so you can go over all of this information during your internal medicine appointment. 

Once you become established with Spruce Medical Group, you can even opt for telemedicine visits from the comfort of home, so you won’t always have to come into the clinic if you need to see your internist. 

Find out more about internal medicine services offered at Spruce Medical Group by booking an exam online today. You can also call the office directly to speak with a team member. 

* Individual results may vary.