Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a doctor charge me for copies of my medical records or x-rays?

Yes, pursuant to Health & Safety Code section 123110, a doctor can charge 25 cents per page plus a reasonable clerical fee.

How do I get my medical records transferred to my new doctor?

Transferring records between providers is considered a "professional courtesy" and is not covered by law. Most physicians do not charge a fee for transferring records, but the law does not govern this practice so there is nothing to preclude them from charging a copying fee.

How do I obtain copies of my lab results/Radiology reports?

Typically, you’ll receive your lab/radiology results within 7-10 business days of the date of your test. Once returned to us, we will send you a message to PortalConnect * with a copy of the report, along with our interpretation of the report and advice on next steps.

What is an NP?

Nurse Practitioners are nurses who have had additional education and training that allows them to practice similarly to physicians, often acting as PCPs for their patients, and consulting or collaborating with physicians as needed.

I need an appointment, what’s the best way?

We understand that your time is valuable. We highly encourage the use of PortalConnect to request an appointment. You will be able to see what slots are available, or you can send a message or leave a voicemail with your desired dates and times.  We usually return voice-mail within 15 minutes and PortalConnect messages within a few hours.

What is PortalConnect?

PortalConnect makes it easy to:

  • Send and receive secure emails to the doctor and the office staff 
  • Make appointments online with the click of a button
  • Receive and access all your lab and test results
  • Manage your medical record with your doctor including medications, allergies, weight, and vitals 
  • Access appointment summaries and treatment plans
  • Request prescription renewals 
  • Manage your pharmacy locations

*Copy and paste the link in your browser to learn more about PortalConnect and the opportunities to improve your patient care: https://portalconnect.net/portal-connect/about/

I need a New Referral, Do I have to come in?

Yes, if the providers have not seen you for your new concern we ask for you to come in. Monarch requires updates notes, diagnoses, and a medical justification for the referral to be approved.

My referral expired, What do I do?

Send us a message through PortalConnect, if allowed we will re-submit for the request. Please allow 5-7 business days for the insurance to respond.

Can you email me instead of using PortalConnect?

No, It’s not HIPPA compliant.

Where do I go for appointments or if I need to change/reschedule or missed my appointment?

We have two options for scheduling appointments in our office. If you are an established patient, please log into PortalConnect to schedule an appointment online. If you are a new patient, please contact our office at 949-651-9671. Please have your availability and insurance information ready.

We ask that new patients arrive 20-30 mins before scheduled appointment time to complete your paperwork. These forms can also be sent to your Patient Portal if you can please fill them out ahead of time.

Please bring all medications you are currently taking, your insurance card, and Photo ID. If your insurance requires a co-pay/deductible, please be prepared to pay that at the time of your visit. In addition, it is helpful to write down a list of questions for your provider so that we can ensure that we answer all of your questions in the exam room.

Will my insurance cover the services?

Each insurance plan is very different; therefore, we recommend that you contact your insurance plan to determine if the anticipated services are a benefit of your individual plan. We are only able to provide quotes for the office visit portion of your visit.

What if I need paperwork filled out by my Physician?

Forms are dropped off at the front desk. Depending on the type of form, like FMLA, Disability and Life Insurance may take up to 5 days to be completed. Some paperwork might require an appointment with your physician for completion. There is a $35 fee, no exceptions.

Can you waive my copay or other fees if I don’t have the money?

As your doctor, we are obligated by law to apply your benefits according to your health plan’s guidelines. We cannot waive co-pays.

Who may access confidential information?

Only those people who need access for medical reasons and who have been authorized to receive it. If we don’t have permission or implied consent from the patient, we will not share any medical information with a family member or friend.

What is a deductible? And why do I have to pay at the time of the visit if I have insurance?

Please call your insurance to check your deductible, copay, and coinsurance. They can further explain your plan.

We charge $100-$150 at the time of visit if you have a balance on your deductible.  $100 is due at the time of visit, additional $50 is collected at the end of the visit if the visit requires a procedure or more than two conditions are presented.

I need my lab/radiology results now. What do I do?

This request can only be made if the provider feels the need for the results to be obtained STAT.

I need an appointment to be seen urgently. What do I do?

For sick visits, the front desk will always offer the first appointment available. If your schedule does not allow it, we recommend going to Urgent care after hours. For preventive care, appointments are usually one or two weeks out.