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Weight Management

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About one-third of American adults have a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or more, which puts them in the obese range. Because being even a few pounds overweight can increase your risk of chronic disease, the highly skilled physicians at Spruce Medical Group Shawn Hamilton MD offer personalized weight management services in Irvine, California. Schedule your weight management evaluation online, or call the clinic to speak with a team member.

Weight Management

Why is weight management important?

Losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight for your frame can lower your risk of chronic disease and even help improve or resolve chronic conditions you may already have. Weight management is important to: 

  • Stabilize your blood sugar levels if you have diabetes or prediabetes
  • Reduce your risk of stroke and kidney and heart disease
  • Lower your blood pressure and blood cholesterol
  • Improve mobility and decrease joint pain
  • Restore your energy levels
  • Help you sleep better

Weight management is also important for men and women struggling with fertility issues. Losing weight can improve your overall health and make it easier for you to conceive naturally.

As your health improves, weight management can even eliminate the need for certain prescription medications, including hypertension or Type 2 diabetes drugs.

What happens during a weight management appointment?

Spruce Medical Group Shawn Hamilton MD is home to dedicated internists, health coaches, and other medical professionals who work together to help you reach your weight goals. During your weight management appointments, you may receive any of the following:

  • Current weight and body mass index (BMI) calculation
  • Screenings, such as blood testing or urinalysis
  • Portion control and dietary counseling
  • Blood pressure check 
  • Exercise planning

Your dedicated practitioner at Spruce Medical Group Shawn Hamilton MD may also evaluate your medications, since some drugs may lead to weight gain or inhibit your weight loss efforts. 

Which types of weight management treatments are the most effective?

Your weight management plan from Spruce Medical Group Shawn Hamilton MD is entirely personalized to you and may include different types of solutions, based on your weight loss needs. Some of the most effective weight loss treatments that may be incorporated into your plan include:

  • Weekly health coaching
  • Personalized diet and exercise regimens
  • Prescription-strength weight loss medications

As you get closer to your goal weight, your dedicated practitioner may also recommend noninvasive body contouring treatments with WarmSculpting™ with SculpSure®. This groundbreaking body sculpting platform permanently destroys targeted fat and tightens the most stubborn of areas*. 

You can get started on personalized weight management planning at Spruce Medical Group Shawn Hamilton MD right away. Book your weight management appointment either online or over the phone. 

* Individual results may vary.