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2022 medical myth bust

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When we recommend treatment or testing, we follow medical evidence based on research. However, research results change from time to time, and it changes the way we understand what's helpful and what is not.  These are some of the new changes in 2022. 

1. aspirin is no longer recommended for preventing heart disease or stroke

2. routine chest Xray and EKG are not necessary, not helpful, and might be harmful (causing more unnecessary testing, specialist visits, without finding any real problem)

3. HPV vaccine reduces invasive cervical cancer.  The greatest reduction in cervical cancer is received by 17 years of age. 

4. Repeating the DEXA bone scan after 3 years is not necessary.  The result will not change much and will not affect the way we treat osteoporosis. 

5. muscle relaxant is not effective in treating 'acute" lower back pain (pain that happened suddenly from straining)

6. tylenol is not a good pain killer 

7. antibiotics and steroid improve treatment of COPD episode 

(from aafp volume 104, number 1, page 41-47)



SHAWN HAMILTON, MD, MBA Internal medicine physician with 20 year of experience as PCP.

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